WATCH: Merciless Motorcyclist Gives Litterers Their Just Desserts

Who hasn’t dreamed of showing inconsiderate motorists who’s boss? Most of us don’t have the chutzpa to put drivers or, worse, litterers in their place, but thankfully there’s one woman who does.

The Russian female motorcyclist works like a mysterious, anonymous vigilante, motoring through streets in search of wrongdoers and shoving their misdeeds in their face. Put simply, she forces litterers to take their littered trash back in all sorts of different ways. She tosses an ashtray of soot at one driver and duct tapes a piece of litter to one another’s rearview mirror.

The results are hilarious and oddly satisfying. Because there’s very little info about the video or the woman who filmed it, we can only hope that this is real, considering the personal danger she’s putting herself in with such confrontations. Whoever she may be, we can only hope she keeps the world clean.

Watch the video above of a hero, not necessarily the one we need, but the one we deserve right now.