Motorcyclist with Road Rage Gets Instant Karma After Kicking a Vehicle

What’s the moral of the story here? Don’t be a jerk.

When you Google search “motorcyclist kicks car,” you’d be surprised just how many incidents have been taken to next-level crazy just because of a little road rage.

A video recorded on a highway in Brazil shows footage of a hotheaded motorcyclist kicking a moving car.

But this impulsive act of road rage didn’t go as planned for the motorcyclist.

Moments after he tries to do some damage to the vehicle with his left foot, he loses his balance and crashes.

Antonio Borba uploaded the video to YouTube with the caption:

In São Paulo, the car accidentally drifted a little to the right lane. The biker started cursing heavily, making a huge fuss on traffic. Not being enough, he stopped the bike and I knew it was coming. So I started recording. Here is the result. After that, the car stopped by a police car nearby. The rest I don’t know.

Some people might say that the motorcyclist deserved what he got. What do you think?

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