Mourning Widow Hires Strippers to Perform at Her Husband’s Funeral Service

One woman chose a seemingly unconventional way to mourn the memory of her deceased husband. The widow, identified only as Mrs. Jian from Taiwan, hired two strippers to perform a “sexy coffin dance” at her husband’s funeral.

The shocking display included two women clad only in thigh-high boots and lingerie, who dances around the coffin to three different songs—which apparently included Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. At one point the dancers even draped themselves across the casket mid-routine.

According to The Mirror, where you can watch a clip from performance, the strange send-off was entirely the widow’s idea. It seems that Mrs. Jian wanted to do more than just give her husband a memorable send-off—she thought that the strippers would be an appropriate way to honor his memory, because he was known to have a wandering eye for attractive ladies when he was alive.

Taiwanese news reported that the deceased had suffered a stroke shortly before his death, and that his wife had devotedly cared for him during that time.

Apparently, hiring strippers and exotic dancers to perform at funerals is not as uncommon as you’d expect. It’s become something of a phenomenon in Taiwanese culture, and is allegedly connected to local mafia, who control mortuary services and provide the “entertainment” from their own clubs.

In Taiwanese culture high numbers of mourners brings more honor to the deceased, so the strippers also serve as enticement to bring in attendees.