Multi-Billionaire’s Ex-Wife Gets the Biggest Divorce Settlement in History

When Elena Rybolovleva got divorced from multi-billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, she didn’t go quietly.

The 47-year-old Russian divorcée just received the largest divorce settlement in history: a mind-boggling $4.8 billion! That’s more than half of her ex-husband’s $8.8 billion fortune.

A Swiss court ordered Rybolovlev to pay his ex-wife $4,509,375,184.80, as well as $146 million in property and alimony payments totaling $150 million. In addition, Rybolovleva was given custody of her 13-year-old daughter. Her ex, who made his fortune as a fertilizer magnate, has to pay $7.5 million lump sum and $150,000-a-month in child support.


So why did the former couple, that was married for 26 years, decide to call it quits?

“He was not very subtle with his infidelities,” one of Rybolovleva’s lawyers told the Daily News. Upset and fed up, she filed for divorce over five years ago.

During the long and messy divorce process, Rybolovleva saught to freeze her ex’s bank accounts. According to the Daily News, in an attempt to keep her from the money, he “went on a wild spending spree [and] bought a share of French soccer league team AS Monaco, spent $156 million for two Greek islands that used to belong to Aristotle Onassis, shelled out $95 million for Donald Trump’s 33,000-square-foot Palm Beach estate and blew $20 million on a Hawaiian estate once owned by actor Will Smith. He also spent a then-record $88 million for his New York apartment — a 10-bedroom penthouse at 15 Central Park West.”

Slate reports that although the verdict is being hailed as a “complete victory” for Rybolovleva, lawyers are expecting an appeal within a month’s time.

Feature Image: Marc Ninghetto/ Eric Gaillard/Reuters