VIDEO RELEASED: Mummified German Adventurer Found Perfectly Preserved Floating at Sea

UPDATE: A video has just been released of the moment he was found. See above.

WARNING: Image and video may be upsetting to some readers.

A 59-year-old German man was found perfectly mummified, and eerily frozen in the last moments of his life. His body was found on board an abandoned yacht off the coast of the Philippines, and had been preserved, likely from the windy and salty ocean elements surrounding him.

The shocking discovery was made when two friends fishing spotted the ocean craft on the waters with a broken sail.

Hauntingly, Manfred Fritz Bajorat was found posed next to the yacht’s radio telephone, likely as he tried to make one last mayday call for help. He must have been desperately waiting by the phone when he drew his last breath. He was identified through paperwork on board the boat.

Mummified German Explorer

Although much of the main cabin was at least partially underwater, investigators were able to find some photo albums, clothes and canned food items.

It is unknown exactly what caused his death on board the 40-foot yacht, but he originally set sail about 20 years ago. Police were able to confirm no presence of a second person, or weapon on board.

A friend said that he’d last heard from Bajorat about a year ago on his birthday. Bajorat had traveled for several years with his wife, until the duo broke up in 2008. She passed away in 2010 from cancer.

It isn’t clear where Bajorat was headed on his latest expedition.

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