Museum Cleaner’s Threw Away Modern Art Installation Thinking it Was Trash

Sometimes it’s hard to see the finesse and skill in works of modern art. The Museion’s–a Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bozen in Italy—cleaners mistook one of the exhibits as trash.

The art installation, titled “Where are we going to dance tonight?” by Milanese artists Goldschmied and Chiari, was set up for museum goers. The piece was a part of the modern art gallery in Bolzano.

It showed popped bottles of champagne, as well as party decorations and confetti plastered across the floor. It was a depiction of the 1980s secular Italian lifestyle of the political class.

According to the museum’s website, the artwork shows the staging of the scene after the party has ended.

“The work, which is only visible when the museum is closed, from dusk till dawn, shows the aftermath of the party, the leftovers of the feast: the metaphorical tree of abundance in ruins.”

However, one night, the museum’s cleaners thought the installation was simply a trashed area of the museum and cleaned the entire area up.

museum lol look at their trash

The museum is working on reinstating the exhibit as soon as possible.

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