MUST SEE: Frightening Celebrity Transformations

Losing weight is one of those things that almost everyone has trouble with. Either we’re not working out enough or we’re eating too much or it’s just a combination of both.

Celebrities have been able to perfect the art of losing weight. Whether it’s for a big role or that they just simply want a better beach bod, Hollywood has got this whole weight loss thing down.

However, there is a lot of pressure to be thin in Hollywood, and some celebrities seemed to have caved to the insecurities of such a tough environment.

Christian Bale, 50 Cent and Matthew McConaughey lost their weight for films. Christian was the star of The Machinist for which he lost 63 pounds. 50 Cent’s shocking weight loss came with his role as a cancer patient in the film Things Fall Apart. He lost 80 pounds. Matthew McConaughey got scary skinny for his role in Dallas Buyers Club losing 3.5 pounds a week, which eventually added up to a total of 47 pounds lost.

While those actors did lose a shocking amount of weight in a short amount of time, there is another group of celebrities who lost their weight due to the pressure and insecurities of being within Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan, Ali Lohan, Nicole Richie, Demi Moore, Kiera Knightly, Sarah Jessica Parker, Macaulay Culkin, Kate Bosworth and Tara Reid have scared the world on more than one occasion with their frightening unhealthy looks.

The slideshow above shows the most frightening celebrity transformations.