WATCH: Husband Worried 600 Pound Wife Will Leave Him If She Loses Weight

my 600lbs life

Bettie Jo — the star of the reality show “My 600lbs Life” — has been working to lose weight after a doctor told her she may not live to see her 30th birthday.

The kind and determined woman runs into a relationship snag when her husband Josh isn’t too excited about her transformation. The 27-year-old has been taking care of Bettie Jo for about seven years and revealed her transformation is scaring him.

Josh is tasked with the challenge of trying to accept the fact that Bettie Jo is now able to move around by hearself. In a heartbreaking therapy session, Josh reveals that he was used to caring for her and the new dynamic is taking a toll on him.

He even admits to bringing unhealthy food into the house to keep Bettie Jo from losing weight. This is definitely a classic (but really strange) case of codependency.

The above video explains it all.

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