My Cat Is Bossy – 3 Signs Your Cat Rules the Roost

“My cat is bossy!” you realize one day, with some shock. It’s an all-too-common story for pet owners: That a feline mob-boss begins as a cuddly, purring angel-kitten sleeping on your neck throughout the night. Before you know it, he or she is an adult meowing commander.

According to Healthy Pets, it has been proposed by some experts that cats create “despotic hierarchies” in which one cat rules the roost. That ornery fur-ball dictates the other members of their pride as subordinates, including their human parents. The “boss cat” plays the role as leader, while other cats and their devoted humanoids become their devoted employees.

You know you are in real trouble when…

1. Everywhere you turn the furry devil is in the way
Dominant cats watch your every move and position themselves strategically. They are willing to plop down on your chair before you sit, a book you are about to read, a laptop to be opened, clothes to be cleaned — the list goes on. These critters are willing to risk life and limb to control your next move.

2. Ouch, sharp cat teeth chomp on body parts
Healthy Pets reveals that bossy cats have been known to chomp on human noses, fingers and toes when they are demanding their meals. They want their food in their own timing, or else.

3. You get the ole’ pee out of the litter-box routine
Some bossy cats have the audacity to squat and pee on your favorite belongings such as your bed, designer clothing, sporting gear, couch and rugs. My boy has the habit of squatting in the middle of a room when I pull my suitcase out for a trip. His eyes narrow in disgust and he squats before I have a chance to plead with him for mercy.

“How can I take charge of my home again?” I have often asked myself.

The answer for my 13-year-old cat boss seems to be sheer creativity. For instance, before taking my suitcase out for a trip I grab a can of food to bribe him with pate yumminess. Or if he’s giving me the stink-eye for some reason, I tackle him and rub his tummy until he’s smiling again.

But, I do admit that he always beats me to my desk chair before I can sit down and then smirks. I’m then left with the dilemma as to whether I should pick up my laptop and retreat to the couch or spin the chair until my ole’ boy dizzily retreats to the floor.

Psychology Today recently reported that cat owners tend to be 11 percent more “open” than Dog peeps. In this case, openness was defined as “unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity and variety of experience.”

With creativity at heart, we cat owners often think ourselves capable of outwitting our furry friends, but our crafty felines smirk at our oh-so-naive minds.

The Ultimate Example of a Bossy Cat