My Encounter with a Kind Sage & How It Changed Everything

I once met a sage.
He had a twinkle in his eye,
and his heart was in his smile.

Looking for a rhyme and reason to the many pains, trials and frights
I asked, “Why is life not easier? Why do I fall into the same traps?”

He could tell I was pained and troubled.
A tear welled up in his eye, yet he smiled in the softest of ways.

“I’m sorry you hurt,
I’m sorry you feel pain,
but this is a part of existence on this planet.”

I reached out my hand… he reached out his own.
Our palms touched.
I began to weep.

He pulled me into his arms.

“Child, child… you are strong.
More so than you know,” he whispered.

“I’m not so sure,” I replied.

He put has hands on my shoulders and moved me an arm’s-length away.
The gentle man stared into both of my eyes, and began reading my soul.

“Yes, you are strong. You must believe.”

He slid his right hand from my shoulder,
down my arm,
to my wrist.
Then he turned my palm up and directed all of his energies there —
right into the palm of my hand.

“The secret of happiness is to use this hand
in conjunction with your mind.
Build something that will better the life of your brother
and your sister.”

He continued explaining.

“You know, everyone is your brother and your sister.
Don’t forget this.
Miseries will come, miseries will go.
But if you keep steadily working
and with this hand,
it will begin to make sense.”

He turned my palm and placed it on my heart.

“Your most precious gift is your heart pumping in your chest.
It continues to give you life,
and if you dare to pay attention,
dare to let it lead you where you’re meant to be,
you will find yourself living the most amazing existence.”

He continued…

“The heart knows what is right,
good, and noble.
It is those who with ignited heart
pour themselves into their work,
touch the lives of their neighbors,
and understand the power of creation
that find true freedom.”

“All too many know what it feels like
to miss their calling because of fear.
Everyone has the same chance — including you.

I silently started at the ground,
thinking of the many times I had failed.

In an instant, the sage put his fingers under my chin.
He raised my eyes to look directly into his.

Fire blazed within his soft brown gaze.

“No need to be ashamed.
Just go and do what you’re supposed to do.
Your dreams were planted in the stars within your being.”

“Your heart beats to serve your purpose.
Let it guide your hands,
Let it direct your mind,
and then your feet will naturally follow.
Don’t be a slave to fear.
Open your arms and embrace what is to come.
With kindness and humility,
Do your work.”

He reached down once again,
took my hand,
gave it a warm squeeze,
and went his way with purpose.

I’ve never seen him again,
yet a part of him blazes within me.

I see his blazing eyes,
his heart-filled smile.

I am now certain beyond belief —
That sometimes we all need a sage,
and sometimes we are the sage.