New App Has Celebrities Pole Dancing

People everywhere are obsessing over the new Chinese app, MyIdol. It’s number one in the U.S. Apple app store — and it’s also getting the attention of celebrities.

Here’s how it works, MyIdol uses a photograph to create an almost identical cartoon avatar of you, then you can choose hair, clothes, accessories and — this is where it gets fun — scenarios. From singing, to modeling, to even pole dancing, this app lets you do things you might not have the courage to do in real life.

Plus, you can put in other people’s images as well. That’s right, imagine your favorite celebs pole dancing. This app basically gives you the power to make your Hollywood crush star in your own personal version of Magic Mike.

One little problem: You may need a translator since the app is only in Chinese.

But this isn’t all fans putting their favorite stars in these positions. Lindsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, James Franco, Sam Smith, John Mayer and Lady Gaga can’t get enough of the MyIdol app. Take a look at their hilarious photos and videos below.

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