MySpace Tom – What He Looks Like Now

Remember MySpace? It was one of the first social media platforms that everyone became obsessed with. It was where you could customize the way your profile looked, choose your top friends and even pick a song as background music for those looking at your profile.

Do you remember who your first friend was on MySpace? Well, let us remind you because he was our first friend too. Tom Anderson, better known as MySpace Tom, is the co-creator of the social media website. He is best known or recognized by this picture, which was also his profile picture.

myspace tom

Well two years ago on his Instagram that has the creative username @MySpaceTom he posted one of his first selfies since his MySpace days. While we are not sure why it is surfacing now, we couldn’t help but be amazed with how he looks. With over 130 thousand followers on Instagram it is pretty clear that Tom still has a lot of friends.

Tom Anderson