Mysterious (Possibly Poisonous) Lake Appears in Middle Of the Desert without Explanation

If you thought the recent mysterious appearance of giant holes in Siberia was perplexing, now there’s the sudden appearance of a lake that came seemingly out of nowhere in the middle of a hot and dry summer in a Tunisian desert.

The 32-59 feet deep lake formed in a sparsely populated area in the southern part of the country and has caused quite a bit of head scratching as to how it appeared. According to, one theory states a small earthquake might have “fractured a natural dam holding an artificial reservoir allowing the water to reach the surface” but since no aquifer has been found in the area, it seems “the theory relies more on the absence of other credible explanations than anything else.”

It is not known how long ago it formed and could have been there for weeks or months before local shepherds spotted it three weeks ago. The story has just started  getting attention over the last week.

Although there are warnings that the water could have potentially poisonous algae in it and may also be radioactive from phosphate mines nearby, people have flooded into the area to witness the lake and even swim around in it. The fact that Tunisia is experiencing a drought right now, rendering the conditions around the lake particularly dry and hot, only serves to increase the appeal of the new lake.

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