Mystery Clown Terrifies Train Commuters

A tall man dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase wouldn’t ordinarily draw a second glance on a train platform packed with commuters. This man is doing more than just getting a few second glances—he is terrifying fellow passengers with his creepy clown mask at a train station in Australia.

According to reports from witnesses, the mystery clown “acted menacingly” towards young women at the Southern Cross station before boarding a train bound for Melbourne.

One commuter likened it to “being in a horror movie.”

The commuter named Karen, surname unknown, told ABC774 that it wasn’t the mask alone that left passengers feeling freaked out, but also his actions.

“It was a clown mask but it was a very angry clown,” said Karen. “He slowly walked along the aisle until he got to the driver’s door, stood, stooped, turned around and just watched all of us- stared us all down.”

She said that the man never said a word, and that nobody tried to stop him or ask him to remove the mask.

The clown reportedly was on board the V/Line toward Deer Park or Ardeer.

A V/Line spokesperson, Colin Tyrus, urged the public to report such strange or suspicious behavior to nearby employees.

“I would urge anyone noticing any disruptive behavior, let the conductor know,” he said.