WATCH: 11 Mystery Ghost Ships with 20 Dead Sailors Wash Ashore

Between the months of October and November 11 ships have washed onto Japan’s shores. In the boats, badly decomposing bodies of sailors were found.

It’s unknown where the boats came from or where they were headed. The only clues authorities have is what seems to be a piece of a North Korean flag and some writing, which appears to be in Korean.

People are speculating that the men on the ship were from North Korea, which has been trying to expand its fishing industry to boost harvests. While it’s possible that these men were fishermen, most believe these men were trying to escape their oppressive country.

Because of the state of the rotting bodies, it’s impossible to identify the sailors. The only thing that’s certain is that the ships are primitive so they couldn’t have come from the West.

The recent spate of storms could’ve swept these boats towards the Coastline well after the men aboard had died.

What a spooky find! For more information on these ships, watch the video below too: