WATCH: Mystery Man Rushes Into Burning Building, Saves Man’s Life, Then Disappears

As revealed in the video above, an unidentified man rushed into a burning building in Fresno, Calif. and saved the life of a senor citizen trapped inside.

Beth Lederach recorded the incident and was amazed by what she saw. “As I got out of the car, this woman came up with this baby and said, ‘My dad is in there! My dad is in there!’ I didn’t know what to do. I felt so helpless,” she told the Fresno Bee.

Lederach says the hero practically came out of nowhere. “He just calmly walked right in there and then came walking right back out with this guy.”

Robert Well was the man who was rescued. He was connected to oxygen and couldn’t get out in time. “I wasn’t going fast enough, so a guy picked me up and carried me out there. He was kind of in a half a run,” said Wells. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, that I made it out.”

The hero in the video left before police could ID him.