Mystery Meat : Is This What’s Really Inside Your Fast Food Favorites?

Well this is one way to encourage yourself to eat less junk food.

Photographer Peter Augustus recently put out an ongoing photo series that features popular fast food dishes, often consisting of what’s referred to as “mystery meat,” alongside the raw animal part that the item is made of.

Think raw chicken feet for nuggets, animal intestine for hot dogs and other rather gag-inducing body parts alongside what is typically considered pretty appetizing fare.

Although we can’t look at these without wanting to turn into vegetarians, Augustus insists the pictures are “not meant to be repulsive – just to raise awareness,” about what’s in the food items many Americans consume on a regular basis, according to HuffPost. 

“I hope to cause the viewer to take into account what the natural form of their food looks like,” he says, adding, “[the work] also touches on the longstanding debate of the quality of chicken and meat products and the use of unnatural fillers and hormones in the animal products we eat daily.”

Check out the mystery meat images in the slideshow above and visit Augustus’ website to check out more of his work.

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