Naked Tesla Owner Goes Crazy in Los Angeles, Stops Traffic

What kind of people are interested in buying a Tesla? Very wealthy people, Toyota Prius owners and this guy, someone who looks as if he is under the influence of an uncontrolled substance.

According to witnesses, he climbed onto the roof of his very expensive car and broke the glass by jumping up and down. Then, he proceeded to dangerously weave through traffic before coming to a stop after slamming into a Mini Cooper.

The man who captured this video said there was more to the confrontation than was recorded.

“This all started when the guy driving the Tesla stopped in the middle of the PCH and jumped out of the car! Running around waving a shirt, acting like something was wrong with his Tesla,” Teddy Bliss told the New York Daily News. “After I shot the video the Police finally came and they had to put the man in a restriction jacket and wrap him with blankets while loading him onto a stretcher.”

Historically, California has accounted for nearly half of Model S sales. Current waiting time for delivery is 60 to 90 days.

We hope all owners aren’t this crazy.

DISCLAIMER: You can see everything.