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Man Pays Insane Amount for First Car of Its Kind – But There’s a Catch

One man from Orange County, CA forked up a large sum of money for a very special car and for an even more special reason. Julian and his wife Aleen Movsesian, both attend the annual Naples Winter Wine Festival, and while each year they purchase an item, this year things were very different.
Together Julian and Aleen have created Succession Capital Alliance, a successful life insurance firm that has become the gold standard in their industry. While the couple already has a nice fleet of cars, last weekend they added another rare automobile to their collection. 1-2-1200x675The Rolls-Royce Dawn is what many would call the most sought after car out there. Julian and Aleen placed the winning bid of $750,000 at the Winter Wine Festival making them the proud owners of the first ever Dawn and the benefactors of a very generous donation to the Naples Children & Educational Foundation.
Many other luxurious items were being auction off over the weekend which according to various sources a total of $11.1 million was raised for charity. Take a look inside the event by watching the video above.

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