Photos: NASA Accused of Using Duct Tape to Hide UFO

UFO hunters believe they have spotted a UFO in archival footage from Apollo 7, but claim that NASA attempted to keep the discovery under wraps, the Huffington Post reported. The Apollo 7 mission marked the first time astronauts were taken into space and around the Earth—in fact the UFO footage comes from the very first live broadcast from space.

An unidentified object can be seen in a frame of the video, with a screenshot making its way around the web on various sites run by UFO spotters.

Apollo 7 3

This is where things get weird, and for many it confirms suspicions that NASA has actively been working for years to cover up these sightings. After the briefest glimpse of the unidentified object, a portion of the frame is quickly covered up by duct tape. The tape completely obscures the object from view.

Apollo 7 UFO 2

While censoring technology wasn’t very advanced at the time, the astronauts must’ve made do with what they had on hand.

Skeptics of course balk at these images, and reject them as any form of evidence. After all, with multiple subsequent space missions across decades of space exploration there is still no concrete evidence that there is something else out there.

And if NASA had something to hide from the Apollo 7 mission, why are images from the footage available for all to see without redaction? Unless, of course, they thought no one would notice.