NASA Admits There’s an Asteroid Nearing Earth This Weekend (VIDEO)

NASA has taken an unexpected step by confirming that a giant asteroid is hurtling through space – close to earth – and at a ridiculously fast speed.

The space program hasn’t confirm the exact size of the asteroid, which they’ve been monitoring for years, but it is believed that the enormous space rock (known by scientists as 86666) could be up to 1.6 miles wide.

This huge asteroid is hurtling towards earth at 40,000 miles per hour but it is expected to pass the moon’s orbit of the earth this weekend. Basically, NASA doesn’t think it will actually make impact with us, but will come very close.

This particular asteroid was first spotted 16 years ago and has been monitored ever since.

Despite the fact that NASA says there is no danger of the asteroid hitting earth, at least for another 23 years, there is a joint program in effect between the U.S and Europe to shoot down an asteroid’s moon, mainly as practice in the case that this asteroid comes closer than assumed by NASA’s scientists.

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