WATCH: NASA Will Pay You $18,000 to Stay in Bed & Smoke Weed for 70 Days

NASA is hiring people for their “Bed Rest Studies” program. The space agency has decided to pay $18,000 to people who can spend 70 straight days in bed and smoke different kinds of cannabis.

While stoned and laid out in bed, participants are allowed to play games, read books, Skype, and smoke cannabis. This sounds like hell to some, heaven to others.

There are exactly three goals NASA aims to achieve with this study: First, they want to understand changing physiology in space and its effects on the process of certain missions. They also want to analyze the impact of one’s physiological state on their ability to perform in certain tasks. And finally, they want to combat any impairment that the physiological state may cause.

There will be two groups of participants: one will be exercising and one non-exercising. While the exercising group will be subject to exercise training, the latter will remain comfortably at ease.

Before the 70 days of the NASA bed rest study, the non-exercising subjects will be able to move freely and the exercising subjects will be able to move freely inside their bed facility for 21 days. The exercise will last between 97 and 105 days, depending on which group one belongs to.

The volunteers will move out of their beds only when he/she will be subjected to medical tests on the bone, heart, nervous, muscle, and nutritional condition.

Originally, NASA conducted a similar bed rest study, but without the use of cannabis. You can see a video of that program, which began in April 2015, below:



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