6 People, 1 Dome, 365 Days Alone

Six people said goodbye to the outside world on Friday as they entered into the dome, which is a secured space created by the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) along with NASA.

According to the University of Hawaii website, the six scientists will live inside the two story solar powered dome for 365 days. The goal is to be able to look deeper into the way the crew members interact and handle a controlled situation by filming and documenting their every move. Researchers hope that through this experiment they will get closer to their objective of sending scientists to Mars (a three-year exploration.)

Together three men and three women will embark on a journey that they will never forget and can potentially change things forever.


  • Carmel Johnston, a soil scientist.
  • Christiane Heinicke, a physicist and engineer.
  • Sheyna Gifford, a medical writer.
  • Andrzej Stewart, a light aircraft pilot.
  • Cyprien Verseux, an astrobiologist and doctorate student.
  • Tristan Bassingthwaighte, doctor of architecture candidate.

HI-SEAS principal investigator Kim Binsted said of the NASA Dome experiment: “We hope that this upcoming mission will build on our current understanding of the social and psychological factors involved in long duration space exploration and give NASA solid data on how best to select and support a flight crew that will work cohesively as a team while in space.”