NASA Hacker Says U.S. Navy Has a Fleet of Warships in Space

The U.S. wants Gary McKinnon extradited for charges of hacking into NASA’s database and breaching the security defenses of NASA and US military networks between February 2001 and March 2002. This IT expert and hacker was arrested in 2002 but remains in England.

British born McKinnon says that he was able to access these top secret documents through a program called Landsearch. After gaining control over the domain, he had the ability to search all the files and folders “on every machine.” He says that he found a document entitled “non-terrestrial officers” and another sheet which mentioned “material transfers between ships.” He could not come up with the names of these “ships” but believes the U.S. Navy has a fleet of warships in space.

This find is leading many to think the U.S is either storing warships in space or that it plans to have an all-out war with extra-terrestrials. After all, there is an implicit admission of there being extra-terrestrial life in space in what he says he found.

If convicted, McKinnon faces up to 60 years in prison. However, in 2012, Theresa May, the UK’s home secretary, said that he would not be sent to the US, justifying this decision on human rights grounds.

“Mr McKinnon is accused of serious crimes,” May said. “But there is also no doubt that he is seriously ill. He has Asperger’s syndrome, and suffers from depressive illness. The legal question before me is now whether the extent of that illness is sufficient to preclude extradition. After careful consideration of all of the relevant material, I have concluded that Mr McKinnon’s extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr McKinnon’s human rights.”

For more of what McKinnon has to say, watch the 1st of 4 video interviews with him above.

So, do you believe this hacker’s account of what he found on NASA’s database?

Gary McKinnon is an IT expert and Hacker who is facing up to 60 years in prison for breaking into NASA's secure si… in First to Know's Hangs on LockerDome