Netflix’s Got Booed And Heckled At Their Cannes Festival Premiere

It wasn’t exactly Netflix and chill at Netflix’s Cannes Film Festival debut on Thursday, which had to be stopped after five minutes due to a string of problems including audience members booing.

The streaming service joined movie heavyweights at the French Festival this week where they premiered their newest original film, Bong Joon Ho’s Okja.

Tilda Swinton in Netflix’s Okja

But the screening soon descended into “utter chaos” according to one audience member, after the movie was played in the wrong aspect ratio, meaning a sizeable chunk of the screen was completely missing.

After a few minutes they were forced to stop the movie to rectify the situation, but it sounds as if the unimpressed audience had already made up their minds.

One wrote on Twitter: “Boos this morning at @Cannes for hideous security, Netflix logo and bad projectionist framing for Okja, cutting off Tilda Swinton’s head.”

While another added: “Utter chaos at the OKJA screening thanks to projection framing error. Did Netflix plan this?”

Things hadn’t gone well even before that, as the audience errupted into boos and began heckling when the Netflix logo flashed up on screen at the start of the movie.

It didn’t put everyone off though, as one man claimed the movie was good in spite of the surrounding drama: “in other news, the first 5 minutes of OKJA are totes incredible, even when seen in an unfolding prison riot environment.”

Netflix’s time at Cannes hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing. While it was meant to be the streaming-site’s way to prove they can compete with the Hollywood heavyweights, it seems not everyone is a fan.

Head judge Pedro Almodovar appeared to take a swipe at them when he mentioned on the opening night that he didn’t think films without cinematic distribution should be considered for the biggest accoladte, the Palme d’Or prize.


Cannes has since apologised for the technical area and the rest of the movie was shown without a hitch.