This Is Why You NEVER Ever Want to Take Bath Salts

The designer drug known as bath salts is a central nervous system stimulant that has far more toxic effects than any other street drug.

It’s so dangerous that the Drug Enforcement Administration has made a few of the chemicals its derived from illegal.

However, smoke shops and convenience stores across the nation continue to sell the synthetic drug, often to underage teenagers.

When someone consumes bath salts, they become a former version of themselves almost immediately. They’re completely paranoid, experience hallucinations, lose control and often act out in violent ways.

Its incredibly disturbing effects are evident in the video above. While the guy didn’t chew off anyone’s face, he could have done far more damage if the police hadn’t arrived when they did.

What kind of person in their right mind would want to use something that causes them to act this way? It definitely isn’t fit for human consumption.


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