Hottest New Health App — Tracks Sleep, Diet, & More

If you’re trying to get in shape ahead of the New Year, there’s a new app called Larklife, created by California-based company Lark, that can help you.

Not just a diet and exercise tracker, it also monitors your sleep, which has proven in recent years to affect weight. It differs from other apps currently on the market by providing real-time advice instead of the typical calories burned and step taken. It also automatically logs meal times type of food consumed.

Larklife is worn as a wristband and acts as a digital personal coach, giving you feedback on areas you can improve on. For example, if you slept poorly the night before, the app might suggest extra protein for breakfast. Protein is proven to improve mental focus for sleep deprivation.

If you just finished a workout, the app might send you a reminder 30 minutes later to continue drinking water to stay better hydrated. The app was developed by fitness and circadian rhythm experts and neuroscientists at Lark.

Lark’s CEO Julia Hu says “In the background it’s as if you had your own personal fitness trainer, productivity coach, and sleep coach all working together to give you the easiest way to improve at this moment.”

Technology apps are becoming all the rage, and using them to improve lifestyles has become their niche. Wearable apps, while still relatively new, are expected to double in the next two years, according to research firm Juniper Research.

Can’t wait to get your hands on Larklife? It will be available next month for $149.99 at all Apple stores and online. iPhone and iPod touch devices are compatible.