All-New Armored BMW X5 Security Plus Will Protect You from Heavy Gunfire and Maybe… Zombies

Earlier this week at the Moscow International Auto Salon, BMW unveiled its all-new armored X5 Security Plus SUV.

In order to show just how capable it was of handing assault, the automaker did the only thing that seemed right: it made the X5 go head-to-head against rifle and machine gun fire.

And guess what? The machine gun barely chinked the BMW’s armor.

According to BMW, the X5 was designed to offer a “comprehensive system of protection against violent assault, kidnapping, and organized crime.”

This is definitely not a car you’ll be seeing soccer moms driving around town.

Some of its other features include VR6-level blast-certified bulletproof windows and an armored passenger cell with sealed joints to prevent bullets from penetrating the inside of the vehicle. But just because it’s made to protect does not mean that it’s lacking performance wise.

The X5 also comes equipped with a 450 hp TwinPower turbocharged V8 engine, which we’re sure makes for one hell of a driving experience, especially when being tailed by a car full of angry mobsters.