New Drone Will Let You Take a Selfie Without Looking Like a Tool

Selfies are all over nowadays, but most rational thinking human beings can acknowledge that taking one makes you seem like sort of a tool. A self-absorbed, self-involved tool — no offense, selfie-lovers.

That doesn’t change the fact that most of us sometimes want to document where we’ve been, and don’t always have someone there to snap the photo for us. A new device called Nixie aims to solve this omnipresent problem.

The Nixie is a wearable selfie drone that functions like a flying wristband with a built-in tiny camera. Once activated, it hovers off or your wrist and orients itself to catch you in the shot, takes the photo and head back toward your wrist.

The bad news, TechCruch reports, is that the Nixie is still in the early phases. Most of it is conceptual, but they have a fragile but working prototype that will hopefully soon lead to something more substantial, something available in stores for a reasonable price.

It’s currently a finalist in Intel’s Make It Wearable competition, so the project has obtained a $50,000 investment from Intel to ensure the minds behind the Nixie can turn their dream into a reality.

Incidentally, those minds behind the Nixie include Stanford physics researcher Christoph Kohstall and team members Jelena Jovanovic and Michael Niedermayr.