New Invention Lets You Snort and Get High Off Chocolate

Let us just start by saying this: We love chocolate just as much as the next person, and would seriously live off the stuff if given the chance.

But see, we’re of the belief that most of the experience of chocolate is wrapped up in tasting it. The flavor and texture are a huge part of the reason we devour the stuff in alarmingly large amounts on the daily. So when we heard of an invention that claims to give you the feel-good chemicals associated with the stuff but takes out the tasting part, we were left wondering if something like that is really worth it.

But apparently, people are into it. The guy who invented the chocolate snorting kit — which has taken off in Canada where you can buy the kit for $87.00 and a ‘shot’ of chocolate for $1.50 — believes there is a reason people are totally digging it.

The claim is: When you snort the chocolate, which is mixed in with ginger and mint to clear your nasal passages, you ‘experience’ the chocolate for a couple of hours. The inventor, Dominique Persoone, says this is the same subtle high you get after eating chocolate, as it hits all the same pleasure receptors in your brain as if you were eating it. But with his invention, you have it without the caloric intake.

Okay, makes sense. Still, we don’t know if we can get with this, because as we said our favorite part of the experience is eating the delicious stuff. So we’re not totally sold. But check out the video above where Persoone demonstrates the kit and let us know how you feel about it.