New Job Site–Only For Beautiful People, a dating website that only accepts conventionally attractive members, is expanding its services and launching what appears to be a job board designed to discriminate against anyone not dubbed a beauty. The site will feature a recruitment option for employers looking to hire a “good-looking staff.” dating-online-791123-1

Studies have shown that conventionally attractive, thin people already earn higher salaries and have an advantage because they are perceived to be smarter and more capable than those who aren’t as pretty–by all means let’s reinforce this with a job site seeking to lower the already low ceiling.

Jezebel’s Laura Beck pointed out that’s beautiful people job site could be labelled as discriminatory. “I know ugly people are not a protected class for employment,” she wrote, “but since the site’s definition of attractive appears very narrow — able-bodied, thin, etc. — I wonder if this could open the site and employers up to lawsuits from people who don’t fit those rigid standards.”

Greg Hodge, the Managing Director at Beautiful, told the Daily News that wanting to be surrounded by good-looking people is part of human nature.

“We’ve always had interest in the entertainment industry,” he said. What we’ve seen since launching yesterday is that high finance, banks, Silicon Valley companies — fiercely competitive — that companies realize that attractive people can make better sales.” Going on to say, “It’s not discriminatory, if an employer had an option between two people who are both strong candidates, but one is attractive and one is not, the attractive one will likely get hired. We’re realizing the demand.”

One can only hope that some highly qualified and “average looking” graduate, fresh out of law school, will teach these “beauties” a thing or two about discriminatory employment practices. As far as we know, Steve Jobs was no beauty. Bill Gates? Not so much. Any of the Supreme Court justices? Hillary Clinton or Oprah Winfrey? Last time I checked, super-smart, super-powerful, and super-rich certainly didn’t mean super-beautiful.