The New ‘Normal Barbie’ Comes With Realistic Proportions, Acne, Cellulite

If you’re a image-conscious mother looking for the perfect holiday gift for your doll-loving daughter, look no further. A new version of Mattel’s classic Barbie doll turns the notoriously unrealistic doll into something closer to reality.

As Time notes, the impractical body of a regular Barbie doll means that, if she were real, Barbie would have to walk on all fours to compensate for her tiny feet. Her stomach could only fit half a liver. The new “normal Barbie,” officially called the Lammily and developed by graphic designer turned toymaker Nickolay Lamm, has proportions that match the measurements of a standard 19-year-old girl.

“Parents and their kids were emailing and asking where they could buy the ‘normal Barbie’ — but they didn’t exist,” said Lamm, 26. “To be honest, I knew it was either going to bomb or blow up, there was no in between.”

The brown-haired Lammily also comes with a sticker pack, complete with acne, cellulite, scars, and moles to make the doll even more realistic. Lammily, which started as an art project in 2013, became available for purchase online Wednesday. The whole thing was crowdfunded, and Lamm wound up raising $501,000, way beyond his initial $95,000 goal.

“I wanted to show that reality is cool,” Lamm says. “And a lot of toys make kids go into fantasy, but why don’t they show real life is cool? It’s not perfect, but it’s really all we have. And that’s awesome.”

The dolls cost $24.99, and the sticker packs an extra $4.99. 19,000 of the developed dolls are going to people who backed the campaign while another 25,000 are ready to be shipped out for the holidays.

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