Why Is This New Product Being Called Spanx for Your Eyes?

For years, women have been using Spanx to hide their unsightly natural rolls for a thinner shape.

The product basically acts like a modern corset — making you look really effin’ good.

So why is this new product being called Spanx for your eyes? If you’re suffering from under-eye bags, Neotensil promises to remove them, as well as smooth out wrinkles.

Created by MIT scientists, Neotensil allows patients to begin seeing noticeable differences within an hour and its effects can last up to 16 hours.

“It’s a polymer film, so you put on the first layer, just a simple application. Then right after that, put on a second layer and it polymerizes into a thin invisible film which holds the thin skin underneath the eyes smooth and taught and holds that eyebag in place,” says Houston Dermatologist Dr. Suzanne Bruce.

Would you give this invisible shapewear for the eyes a try?

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