Procedure Promise to Change Your Eye Color

You can change your hair color, you can add some warmth to your skin with a tan, but you can’t change your eye color permanently. Or can you?

A surgeon says you can and he has been offering and performing eye color surgery for the adventurous.

Gregg Homer, a researcher in California, is developing a laser process that loosens the thin pigment of color in brown eyes to turn them blue within a few seconds.

He has successfully tested on 17 people. And although none of them have reported any pain, if this procedure becomes available, your wallet will certainly feel the pain. You can expect the color change to set you back $5,000.

Here’s how it works:

Actor Khalil Underwood underwent a surgery that changed his eye color:

According to Dr. Homer, his technique is safe. “It’s difficult to work out a way to injure someone with this laser because the energy is so low,” he told CNN. The laser only focuses on the iris and doesn’t actually enter an part of the eye that can affect vision.

While it apparently Dr. Homer’s techniques appear to be safe, the following man says that he lost his sight after he went out of country to undergo an eye-color changing procedure.

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