The New Tactic Drug Dealers Are Using to Smuggle Meth Across the Border

A drone carrying six pounds of meth was discovered, crashed in the parking lot of a mall, near the U.S. and Mexico border this week. Police said that that gadget had at least six packets of methamphetamine drugs attached to it, according to reports.

An anonymous phone call led police to the parking lot where the drone was found at a shopping center in Tijuana, Mexico, according to reports. Although authorities do not know the drone’s origins, or intended destination, the discovery is cause for concern about the new lengths that smugglers will turn to in their effort to move product across the border.

The small remote-controlled drone was identified by police as a six-propeller Spreading Wings 900 model. The unmanned, battery-operated aircraft can only fly for up to 18 minutes, according to its specs.

Authorities believe that the weight of the drugs was beyond the drone’s capacity, causing the crash.

Apparently, drug criminals are testing various new “blind mule” methods of delivery for illegal substances. This marks one of 150 attempts by smugglers to use a drone to run drugs, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Some reports allege that cartel members are even making their own drones in an attempt to perfect the unmanned transportation and delivery of narcotics.