Texas Walmart Workers on Pistol Patrol After New Law Goes Into Effect

new texas gunlaws

A law in Texas has gone into effect that allows licensed men and women to carry handguns openly in public. This has prompted Walmart store managers to ask customers for their gun permits.

This will only occur in Walmarts that sell alchohol, as Texas law prohibits unlicensed handguns in establishments that sell alchohol to be consumed off site. If for any reason a retail establishment doesn’t follow the law, they can lose their liquor license.

Walmart sent out a memo last month to managers asking them to make sure all customers with guns have licenses. If a cashier or door greeter identifies someone carrying a gun, they must let the manager know and then the gun carrier has to provide paperwork.

Some gun-rights activists aren’t happy with this move, as they feel it’s an infringement on their rights. Two years ago, Starbucks asked customers (but didn’t require) to leave their guns in their cars. Target has also received criticism for asking gun carriers to hide their guns.

Walmart also made some enemies when it decided to stop selling R-15 assault rifles and other sporting rifles. When questioned about these actions, Walmart officials said it wasn’t for political reasons — instead they cited decreased sales for the decision.

What do you think of people being able to carry guns in public? The debate is raging — share your opinion in the … in First to Know’s Hangs on LockerDome