NEW VIDEO — What Happened AFTER Kid Destroys Dollar Store

Yesterday, the hottest stories on FTK involved two crazy topics: A grandma who kidnapped her neighbors cats and turned them into fur coats, and a video featuring a holy terror of a child who tore up a Dollar Store — until one man finally has the courage to stop him.

Now a new tape has surfaced with what happened after that man dragged the boy outside. In the first video, you saw the young man fall down just as the tape ended, but this one picks up almost exactly where that first video left off.

The narrator — the same guy who did the taping in the store on the first video — continues shooting so that there is evidence that nothing bad happened to the boy. He (wisely) says that if the boy claims anything violent happened to him, they all have video proof that all this customer did was drag the boy outside and hold onto him until the police arrived.

The customer also gives the kid a good talking to… not that the young man wants to listen, and the rage in the child’s voice is disturbing. What, we’ve been wondering, has happened in this boy’s home that he would not only rip through the Dollar Store but also yell at people with such hatred. It’s quite startling.

As a warning, there is a lot more swearing in this video so if that offends you, don’t watch. And if you have kids nearby, put in the headphones.

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