New Yorker Recreates Famous Movie Moments on Paper

If you’re a film fan, you may want to take on this project when visiting New York.

A few years ago, New Yorker Christopher Moloney launched a Tumblr called, FILMography.  In it, he walks around the city, finds spots where movies have been filmed, and holds up a screen grab from the movie that he’s printed out on paper. He then shoots a photo of the scene so that the printout fits into the background, creating a juxtaposition between memorable movie moment and current reality.

We learned about the images in 2012 from “The first photo he took was the scene from Ghostbusters where the Marshmallow Man is walking through the streets terrorizing the city,” the article states. “He snapped the photo with his BlackBerry and uploaded it to Facebook for friends and family. People reacted so positively that he kept doing it and eventually started the blog. Today he’s still exploring that same neighborhood and says he snaps one to two photos a day. From here he plans to move onto other neighborhoods in Manhattan but is in no rush to smother the city.”

Here’s how Moloney describes it on his site:

FILMography is an ongoing art project by Canadian photographer Christopher Moloney that matches scenes from movies with their real-life, present-day locations.

He has recreated film scenes in New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, Chicago,San Antonio, Orlando, Rome, Naples, Ischia and Ho Chi Minh City.

His photographs are currently on display in homes and galleries in Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Russia, Italy, Japan, Norway, Brazil and the United States.

You can purchase Christopher Moloney film photos on his tumblr because, you know, they’re popular.

Location in New York where Marshmallow Man attacked in Ghostbusters

Grand Central Station New York film location