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Newborn Baby Rescued 8 Days After Being Buried Alive in Cemetery (VIDEO)

According to The Guardian, a newborn baby was recently discovered buried alive in the mountains of Gansu Province in China. The baby had been abandoned for eight whole days in a box beneath the soil, and was found covered in mud and coughing up murky water.
His parents wanted to get rid of him because he was born with a cleft lip.
A woman reported hearing the sounds of a crying baby near a cemetery, leading authorities to the innocent victim. Miraculously, he was buried in a way that allowed oxygen and rainwater to reach the box he was buried in.
buried alive in cemetery
CNN reports:

Police arrested five people including his parents, both of his grandmothers and the man they hired to dispose of the newborn for attempted murder. His parents were released on bail and they now seek custody of the boy.

How this baby survived for that long is astounding, as it would be an extraordinary feat for even an adult to stay alive that long without food.

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