Couple Has the Most Adorable Newborn Photoshoot… With Their Dog

What happens when a professional pet photographer gets bored? Magic, that’s what.

It’s hard to say what possessed family and pet portrait-maker Jane Clauss when she decided to take the above photos, but she did, and we’re grateful for them. Whatever the reason, Clauss took pictures of her friends designed to look like a typical newborn baby announcement shoot, but with one catch — they used their dog instead of a baby.

The Jack Russell Terrier, named Snuggles, received all the attention it deserved as the couple lovingly doted over the tubby pooch for a series of photographs we can only describe as hilariously cute, with a slight tinge of creepiness.

The couple featured, Jan and Chase Renegar, are professional photographers as well, so they, along with Clauss, knew exactly how to recreate the cheesy photos of a newborn baby announcement. Baby wrapped in towel, baby’s feet poking out from under a blanket — all of it’s here except for, you know, the fact that it’s a dog.

Scroll through the newborn photos with dog in the slideshow above.

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