Newly Discovered Human-Shaped Mushrooms Tripping People Out

We are totally geeking out over this. It appears that human-shaped mushrooms are a thing that actually exist.

Jonathan Revett, a fungi hobbyist, discovered the Geastrum britannicum in Norfolk, England, growing on the side of the road. He was so fascinated by the toadstools that he took a few and had them chemically analyzed.

human-shaped mushrooms 2

Apparently, they are a new type of Earthstar mushroom, a species belonging in the Geastrum genus. Oh, and they’re also incredibly poisonous. If Revett had eaten one, he wouldn’t have become incredibly high. He could have died or suffered from liver failure.

Luckily, the tiny voodoo doll-looking mushrooms don’t resemble any kind of edible fungi he’s seen before.

via Geekologie and i09