Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby

Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby

WATCH THE VIDEO. A man actually sued his wife for birthing an ugly baby and the judge awarded him $120,000. What?!
girl accidentally sends kinky photo to mom

College Girl Accidentally Sends Mom Kinky Photo — Internet Explodes

The Twitterverse explodes after a college girl accidentally sends kinky photo to mom. The posts have been removed but we grabbed screenshots.
virgin mary statue crying tears of blood

Statue of the Virgin Mary Cried Blood, Leaves Churchgoers Stunned

In 2015 video surfaced of a Virgin Mary statue crying tears of blood. Is it real or an internet hoax. Check out the video footage and decide for yourself.
new Instagram hoax

New Instagram Hoax Isn’t New — Or Inaccurate

A new Instagram hoax saying the company can steal your photos had everyone from Julia Roberts to Rick Perry freaking out. Here's why.

That Time Moroccan TV Showed a Tutorial on How to Cover Domestic Violence Bruises...

A news program featured a video showing women how to cover domestic violence bruises with makeup. Check out the video, public response and fallout.
Navy Pilots Seeing UFOs

Navy Pilots Report Seeing UFOs Daily

Is it true that navy pilots see ufos? This article contains video footage that pilots believe captures ufos flying through our skies. This is a must read.

Judge Rules Identical Twins Must Both Pay Child Support

A Brazilian woman  was impregnated after hooking up with a man at a party ten years ago. But when she confronted him, he denied ever meeting her, saying that it must have...

Secret Mayan Tombs Discovered Beneath Pyramids

Take a deep dive into the secret Mayan tombs that were recently discovered.

10-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped by ISIS Reveals Horrors of Life as a Child Soldier

Get the full details of his disturbing experience.

Real T-Rex Bones Found for Sale on eBay

Dinosaur-lovers looking to take their fandom to a new level now have the ability to purchase the bones of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex on eBay. “Today I will remove...