China Students Pay For Excessive Toilet Flushing

A university in China has come up with a rather unusual way of dealing with water shortages; they are giving each student a quota for toilet flushes. Kunming Health...
Speedgate the New AI Game

Artificial Intelligence Creates a New Sport Called Speedgate

Just when you thought the sporting world couldn't get more exciting AI has created a brand new sport called Speedgate. You've got to check this out.
Woman's Brain Tumor Turns Out to Be a Parasite

Woman’s ‘Brain Tumor’ Turns Out to Be a Parasite

A woman's brain tumor is a parasite instead of what doctors thought. Find out exactly what doctors found and how it happened.

Scientists: Cocaine Showed Up in Every Shrimp Tested

Scientists tested seafood and you'll be stunned by what they discovered. Would you like some cocaine with your shrimp, anyone?
the human gallery living tattoo exhibit

PHOTOS: Tattoo Museum Steps Outside the Frame, Displays Living Human Canvases

The gallery features tattoo models proudly displaying their ink.
Man Sues Wife for Ugly Baby

Man Sues Wife—and Wins!—For Birthing Ugly Baby

WATCH THE VIDEO. A man actually sued his wife for birthing an ugly baby and the judge awarded him $120,000. What?!
girl accidentally sends kinky photo to mom

College Girl Accidentally Sends Mom Kinky Photo — Internet Explodes

The Twitterverse explodes after a college girl accidentally sends kinky photo to mom. The posts have been removed but we grabbed screenshots.
virgin mary statue crying tears of blood

Statue of the Virgin Mary Cried Blood, Leaves Churchgoers Stunned

In 2015 video surfaced of a Virgin Mary statue crying tears of blood. Is it real or an internet hoax. Check out the video footage and decide for yourself.
new Instagram hoax

New Instagram Hoax Isn’t New — Or Inaccurate

A new Instagram hoax saying the company can steal your photos had everyone from Julia Roberts to Rick Perry freaking out. Here's why.

That Time Moroccan TV Showed a Tutorial on How to Cover Domestic Violence Bruises...

A news program featured a video showing women how to cover domestic violence bruises with makeup. Check out the video, public response and fallout.