Cat Fights off Coyotes

Video: Cat Fights Off Coyotes and Wins

See the moment a cat fights off coyotes in Southern California. You won't believe your eyes when you see this encounter. Take a look.

Scientists: Cocaine Showed Up in Every Shrimp Tested

Illegal drugs and pesticides were detected in a variety of shrimp and other aquatic life when scientists investigated contamination levels on the east coast of England. The study...

San Francisco Workers Are Setting up Offices in Parking Spots

Finding a good parking spot may become more difficult after a new trend out of San Francisco is spreading on Twitter: #WePark. The concept was started by San...

Girl Born without Hands Wins Handwriting Contest

Ten-year-old Sara Hinesley was recently recognized for her excellent cursive handwriting in the Zaner-Bloser National Handwriting Contest, despite the fact that she was born without hands. “I think it’s...
Speedgate the New AI Game

Artificial Intelligence Creates a New Sport Called Speedgate

Just when you thought the sporting world couldn't get more exciting AI has created a brand new sport called Speedgate. You've got to check this out.
Sol Pais Found Dead

Student Wanted Over Columbine Obsession Is Dead

A Florida student, who the F.B.I said was on a "pilgrimage" to Columbine, was found dead on Wednesday. Her threats inspired hundreds of schools in the Denver area to close down for...
Small Bees Found Living in Woman's Eye

Four Small Bees Found Living in Woman’s Eye

According to a BBC report, a Taiwanese woman was pulling weeds when four small sweat bees flew into her eye. The 28-year-old went to the doctor to have...

Russian Journalist Fakes Own Death to Avoid Assassination

Reports rang out early Wednesday morning that Russian journalist and outspoken critic of the Kremlin, Arkady Babchenko, was found bleeding to death at his Ukrainian home, apparently shot several times in the back. According...

Trump to Send Americans to the Moon

On Monday, December 11, President Trump held a ceremony where he signed a new directive for America’s space program. The goal? Putting American astronauts back on the moon to “establish a foundation for an...

California Is on Fire – Literally

Shocking images are coming out of California where multiple fires are ravaging Los Angeles, leaving death and destruction in their wake. A mixture of dried brush and heavy winds created the perfect conditions for...