Small Bees Found Living in Woman's Eye

Four Small Bees Found Living in Woman’s Eye

According to a BBC report, a Taiwanese woman was pulling weeds when four small sweat bees flew into her eye. The 28-year-old went to the doctor to have...

10-Year-Old Boy Kidnapped by ISIS Reveals Horrors of Life as a Child Soldier

Get the full details of his disturbing experience.

Secret Mayan Tombs Discovered Beneath Pyramids

Take a deep dive into the secret Mayan tombs that were recently discovered.

Judge Rules Identical Twins Must Both Pay Child Support

A Brazilian woman  was impregnated after hooking up with a man at a party ten years ago. But when she confronted him, he denied ever meeting her, saying that it must have...

Divorce May Kill You—and Not Just Emotionally

Read how heart attack risks rise after divorce and are different in men and women.

‘A Beautiful Mind Lost to Heroin’ — This Video Reveals Harsh Truths About Addiction

WARNING: Some of the images within the video are troubling, but this is very important.

Russian Journalist Fakes Own Death to Avoid Assassination

Reports rang out early Wednesday morning that Russian journalist and outspoken critic of the Kremlin, Arkady Babchenko, was found bleeding to death at his Ukrainian home, apparently shot several times in the back. According...

Trump to Send Americans to the Moon

On Monday, December 11, President Trump held a ceremony where he signed a new directive for America’s space program. The goal? Putting American astronauts back on the moon to “establish a foundation for an...

California Is on Fire – Literally

Shocking images are coming out of California where multiple fires are ravaging Los Angeles, leaving death and destruction in their wake. A mixture of dried brush and heavy winds created the perfect conditions for...

What Is Net Neutrality and Why Are People Freaking Out?

Odds are, you’ve probably seen the phrase “net neutrality” somewhere online in the past month or so, and for good reason. Net neutrality is the idea that all websites will load just as fast...