News Anchor Finds Out About Friend’s Suicide While Reporting It Live

An anchor for Taiwan’s Next TV News was reporting live on air when she discovered her friend and colleague was found dead from an apparent suicide.

Erich Shih, 46, was a CtiTV anchorman.

The news anchor suicide happened around 5:00pm on Thursday, when his wife came across his body in their home. Shih had a plastic bag over his head.

According to the news report, he did not leave behind a suicide note, and there weren’t any signs of foul play.

However, the real story here is watching the event unfold for this young woman. Even if you can’t understand what she is saying, the anguish and emotions speak for themselves — but feel free to turn on the English subtitles.

You never know what kind of darkness someone else is battling. The self-inflicted death of a close friend or loved one is one of the most emotionally devastating experiences a person can have, yet it is disturbingly common today.

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