NFL Fan Table – Week 4

This week, things get serious… or as serious as they can get, given that you’ve got a comic and her buddy trying to talk football while drinking some brews.

The topic in question (which gets explained, but whatevs) is The Sanchez Experiment.

For those not in the know (which may be why you’re on First to Know), Mark Sanchez is the Jets quarterback. He got drafted out of college and made a starting quarterback pretty early on.  Normally a new quarterback learns from a pro for a few years as a back-up, but Sanchez became a starter pretty quickly, and lots of people don’t think he’s good enough to keep the position. Hosts Ethan Havenar and Amy Witry discuss the so-called  Sanchez Experiment and whether it’s a pass or fail.

Of course, Sanchez is reportedly dating Eva Longoria, so it looks like he’s scoring AND winning from our perspective– but we’ll leave you to judge that.

It’s just another fun bit of dishing from the folks at Check it out.

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