NFL Fan Table Week 7 – The Saints’ Streak, Mud Runs, and Fantasy Football

Amy Witry and Ethan Havenar are back for Week 7 of NFL Fan Table from This week there’s a lot of excitement — Dallas Cowboys win for Ethan, and New Orleans Saints winning a second game, which Amy considers a “streak.” There was some hilarity, too — Ethan was gone last week with his man friends on a “Mud Run” and found some frozen pot pies. And this coming week promises to be even better — Amy’s hitting two Saints games, one of which will be with her dad, plus Joe Vitt is back in the Saints’ coaching seat.

All this, plus a Fantasy Football segment that will help you nail your picks for the coming week’s betting, right here at the table. Check it. (And don’t forget to preview Amy’s New Orleans Saints song, “Who Dat, Tru Dat” on iTunes.

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NFL Fan Table Week 6 – Listen to Amy’s New Orleans Saints song!

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