NFL Fan Table Week 8 – The Halloween Spooktacular

It’s Halloween, yo! And getting into the spirit of things are Amy Wity and Ethan Havenar (or, as we like to call them, Mario and Luigi). That’s right, it’s the Halloween edition of NFL Fan Table from!

This week’s Spooktacular episode has all the tasty football candy goodness, plus some extra costume fun. It also features Amy’s report from her football road trip… well, plane trip that took her out of LA and to a Saints game in New Orleans. And her dad, Pappa Witry tagged along. It’s a whole monster mess of fun, so check it out.

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ABOUT THE HOSTS: Amy loves the NFL. She has season tickets to the New Orleans Saints and a blind cat named Lille. Ethan follows all sports except the WNBA. He’s not a hater, he’s just busy. His favorite teams are the Cowboys, Lakers and St. Louis Cardinals.  He also has a vertical leap that defies his ethnicity.