NFL Fan Table Weeks 15 – The Holiday Spectacular!

Where have all the NFL Fan Tables gone? Last time we looked, there was week 10, and now we’re up to week 15? Crazy how this football season flies along. That being said, hosts Amy Witry and Ethan Havenar are back to celebrate two things they love: the holidays and football.

Amy chats about The Saints’ “big, fat, sexy win” against the Bucks. Ethan’s two Fantasy Football teams are in the championship game for two leagues– which is awesome– but he’s mostly excited about his Cowboys win against the Steelers and their 4th quarter drama. Of course, there could be conflict this coming weekend when Amy’s Saints take on Ethan’s Cowboys. Who will win? Who will lose? Who can say?

But even without that built in “drama” (because nothing ever really gets dramatic on NFL Fan Table) there is a gifting section of the show, making this week’s episode jam packed with comedy goodness. Just remember that the key words for this week are “Cheese Balls, Beanie Ballz & Assaholics.” Check it out.

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