NFL Fan Table Weeks 9 & 10 – TWIN SPIN EPISODE!

NFL Fan Table host, Amy Witry, is flying solo this week. Where are her comedy costars? Who knows?! Who cares?! This is a special Twin Spin episode. What’s that mean? Two weeks worth of happenings in one great show.

Turns out, Amy was out of town hitting both New Orleans Saints home games over the last two weeks, including the team’s wins against the Eagles and the Falcons. See what happens when someone special like Amy hits a home game? They win!

She also chats about other teams, the Saint’s all-black uniforms which she describes as “sexy time,” and the rewards that come her way when she spends the week playing with kids. It’s all fresh football fun (and then some) from the fab folks at Check it!

NFL Fan Table Week 1
NFL Fan Table Week 2
NFL Fan Table Week 3
NFL Fan Table Week 4

NFL Fan Table Week 6 – Listen to Amy’s New Orleans Saints song!
NFL Fan Table Week 7 
NFL Fan Table Week 8 – The Halloween Spooktacular

(What happened to Week 5 on FTK? Who knows. Watch it here on

ABOUT THE HOSTS: Amy loves the NFL. She has season tickets to the New Orleans Saints and a blind cat named Lille who walks in circles and sometimes scratches Amy’s face because she doesn’t know better.