The Hottest Gifts to Buy for Your NFL-Loving Girl

Shout out to the guy who respects his girl’s NFL team!

This doesn’t mean you have to like her team, mind you, but you know her QB has skills (because you did just pick him for your Fantasy Football team). Still, from September all the way through SuperBowl Sunday, that living room of yours can get heated. Especially for rivalry games when your team plays her team.

True, you could buy two 48-inch screens, but not all of us have that luxury. So we came up with a few ideas to help you keep the peace by simply acknowledging that she’s the coolest girlfriend around. Because let’s face it, girls don’t get enough credit for being some of the best and most die-hard NFL fans around.

Let’s start with the fact that everyone loves presents. Especially when it’s for no apparent reason. Surprise her at the stadium, sports bar, or at home on the couch with this killer gear. It may even tame her trash talkin’ your team this NFL season, but no promises on that one.

Check out the slideshow above for inspiration, and click through to find the best places to buy them.